Natural Medicine USA - Naturopathic Medical Center in Santa Cruz County

Are you experiencing illness or pain, and haven't found the attention, satisfactory treatment, or results you need? We may be able to change that! We are a team of naturopathic doctors trained both in medicine and natural therapies and have helped thousands of patients.

Whether your condition is acute or chronic or you've suffered with an illness that has persisted despite the treatment you've received, we are here to help.

The good news is that you can do something about that pain or illness.

Every day we help people that have been confounded by their disease and want an approach that can address their individuality, rather than their disease.

At our center in Santa Cruz County, we use a unique approach to address illness and pain.

Unlike many treatments that focus only upon managing the symptoms, we use a 2 prong approach: in-depth diagnosis including both conventional and functional medical diagnosis and use of the best in natural therapies to support your body in healing.

What you will experience:

  • A fresh approach
  • A Caring, knowledgeable team
  • State of the Art diagnostics
  • Well researched, time tested natural therapies

Is our approach for you?

For those choosing to work with us, we provide our services in an open and supportive environment, conducive to healing. Patients love to learn and regain their health with our assistance.
We will listen carefully to your history, and plan together a step by step treatment plan that will lead you towards health. You will be supported at every step of the way.

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Of course, we cannot say for sure that your needs, goals, and vision will be a match with us but we would love to meet with you to find out. Feel free to browse this website for detailed information on our unique approach to wellness, and then if you'd like to know more, please give us a call.

Can't get to our area?

For those unable to come and receive our healing care in person, you can still benefit from our vast experience and insights by scheduling a phone consultation.

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To learn more about the kinds of patients we work with at our Central California Naturopathic Medicine Center, and the conditions we may help, go to the “Who We Serve” page.

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